Dr. Jeanette Dillon Presenting

Expert Educator

Jeanette’s teaching philosophy is student-centered, with a special focus on helping prepare students for success – as they define it -in and out of the classroom. Jeanette believes students come to class with knowledge to share. She wishes to discover what they know and how they came to know it. She seeks to meet them at the place they are as learners the first day of class so that she may help them grow as individuals and thoughtful members of society. Jeanette believes that knowledge is constructed by all in the classroom and that her job is to know when to provide information, when to ask questions, when to listen, and when to intervene.


An experienced non-profit leader, Jeanette brings an acute understanding of internal and external communication leading to goal achievement and personnel satisfaction, program creation that promotes success and allows for data-driven monitoring. Collaborative and creative leadership is responsive to change, stability and sustainability needs.

Branding, Marketing & Media Specialist

Jeanette’s love of compelling storytelling has been a part of her journey for decades. It allowed her to connect with listeners of public radio to help them become members and supporters of the radio station. She became particularly adept at pivoting from internal and external communication and branding messaging early in her career as the Promotions Director for the leading radio station in Northeast Indiana. By connecting with members of the local media with sincere inquiries about their work and needs, within weeks she managed to garner meaningful news coverage for the radio station that some could have considered competing media. The secret to her success is really no secret: If you are dedicated to your community, it shows. Community members know when they are working with trustworthy people and companies. Their responses – over food, laughter, and serious planning – has always humbled and inspired Jeanette to invest her time and talents in building a better community and quality of life for all.

Program & Campaign Developer

One of Jeanette’s proudest achievements was breaking a Guinness Book of World Records record as the Chief External Officer at the Women’s Bureau. The marketing campaign that raised the profile and brand of the Women’s Bureau overall was particularly successful in raising funds for the Bureau’s program to provide sexual assault prevention education and trauma treatment for assault survivors. Jeanette created a marketing campaign that doubled fundraising event participation from the previous year, allowing the agency to break a world record and erase a $120,000 deficit in fewer than 12 months.

She has also overseen the creation, launch, and monitoring of successful programs that address sexual assault prevention of women, children, and people with disabilities; fair and sustained employment for people with disabilities; and training programs benefiting the progress of millennials working with older adults.

Voice Over
Script Writing

Jeanette brings her experience as an on-air personality and news anchor to developing scripts for radio and television. Her conversational and friendly voice overs are sought by local businesses looking to produce radio and television advertisements, community outreach, fundraising and sales.

She hosted radio shows, interviews, contests, and local charitable events and concerts.


  • Society for Health Communication (Founding Member)
  • Organization for Research on Women and Communication (ORWAC)
  • Fembot Collective
  • National Communication Association (NCA)